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Title: Confronting Hate Crime

In the volatile mix of so many people, races, religions, differences, how do we keep diversity from exploding into cancerous hate that kills people just because they are different?

"People are reaching out for somebody that seems to care about them, somebody that loves them."--Rev. Jonathan Mouzon

Confronting Hate, Learning Tolerance

Hour Three of Seeking Solutions explores how two very different communities have responded to hate crime - a form of violence that is not just some faraway episodes but which plagues cities and towns all across America every year. The first segment shows how a rural South Carolina County and a courageous black church congregation confronted and faced down the Ku Klux Klan, only to see some of its members later intimidated for urging a deeper racial reconciliation. In the second segment, a California high school teacher creates an innovative course in tolerance in the wake of two terrible episodes involving students, and changes the campus climate. Both episodes are examined in public dialogues.

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1. In the U.S. in 1997 (the latest date for FBI figures), how many victims of hate crime were there?
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1. Do you feel safe from hate crime violence?

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Teaching Tolerance Lesson Plans from Joe Moros

The Teach Tolerance Home Page
The Syllabus for the class
The Lesson Plan for the class

Video Clip Quote from Steve Raines

Transcript from the video clip:

HEDRICK SMITH: In the New South, facing down old demons...

REVEREND JONATHAN MOUZON: I would have gone all the way even if it cost me my life to stand up and say, you can't do this.

SMITH: the Far West, growing up with new tensions.

TAMI KIMBLE: There was a lot of KKK and skinhead guys here.

JOE MOROS: I decided to start the class to stop the hatred and the violence.

SMITH: Standing up to hate -- next time on Seeking Solutions.


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