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Title: Creating Community

The crack epidemic, drive-by shootings, drug dealing on our streets. How can we revive and restore communities that are ravaged by random street crime?

"You do not have a right to a good neighborhood. It's your have to get out and talk to your neighbors, find out who they are so you can all work together."--Dawn Parsons

Making Schools and Streets Safe Again

In Hour Two of Seeking Solutions, viewers see how neighbors overcome their feelings of isolation, intimidation and powerlessness and come together to combat the street crime that has decimated their communities. The first episode shows how Uptown has dramatically cut its crime rate through a civic spirit and a surprising network of non-profit groups that work together on every conceivable problem to weave the fabric of community. The second episode tells the story of how Blue Hills residents, sparked by a dead body on the steps of a local school, mount a block-by-block effort to take back their neighborhood from drug dealers and criminal elements. Two town hall dialogues point out the lessons of these success stories.

Crime Quiz

1. The most important factor in affecting the crime rate in a community is:
   The ethnic makeup of the community 
   Income levels in the community 
   Community cohesion

Poll Questions

From what you know about your own local community, how likely is it that a shooting incident could happen there? Is it:
   very likely 
   somewhat likely 
   not too likely 
   not at all likely

Read the Transcript from the show

Video Clip Quote from Lillian Anderson

Transcript from the video clip:

HEDRICK SMITH: In Kansas City, a neighborhood taking out drug dealers...

LILLIAN ANDERSON: If you want your neighborhood back, and you can get it back. Remember there's more of us than them.

SMITH: Chicago, building networks, curbing violence.

RITA SIMO: We're all in the same boat. The way to avoid being in trouble is you become friendly with everybody, because you know them.

SMITH: Conquering crime in our cities -- next time on Seeking Solutions.



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