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Coming June 7-The Wall Street Fix
Former WorldCom CEO Bernie Ebbers, convicted of corporate fraud, is due for sentencing, and investment banks have ponied up $6 billion to settle investor class actions suits. To get the inside story of how investors got fleeced by WorldCom and the banks, see the rerun on PBS Frontline of our Emmy-award winning program, The Wall Street Fix on June 7. http://www.shop.pbs.org.
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See -“Is Wal-Mart Good for America?”
Tune in June 14: PBS Frontline is rebroadcasting our popular program on Wal-Mart, which got great ratings and audiences last fall. 100 million Americans shop at Wal-Mart each week for “every day low prices” Some economists say Wal-Mart helps curb inflation and boosts U.S. productivity. But critics charge that Wal-Mart is destroying good American jobs by driving production offshore. Correspondent Hedrick Smith takes you inside China and across America to investigate Wal-Mart’s impact on America’s economic future.

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Ellington and Brubeck:
For an intimate glimpse of the early life and times of the incomparable Duke Ellington or an unparalleled close-up – on stage and backstage - with jazz legend Dave Brubeck, get hold of our PBS documentaries. Both are award-winning programs that have scored with viewers. Nearly half a million people have hit our website on www.PBS.org to learn more about Duke Ellington’s Washington, and Rediscovering Dave Brubeck is globe-trotting among jazz fans from Canada to Spain and Portugal. U.S. jazz lovers can get an elegant DVD with our Brubeck documentary plus footage of Dave jamming with his sons. It's in music shops across the country.
For Ellington: http://www.shop.pbs.org.
For Brubeck: Films For Hunanities (800).257.5126
The debate about terrorism rolls on, but the real question is why they become terrorists and how they slip past our defenses? For insights, get our Frontline program, Inside the Terror Network.


Tax Me If You Can
Inside the Terror NetworkRedisconering Dave Brubeck

Test Your Knoledge
How well do you know the topics and issues covered in our programs? Test your knowledge on some topics we have covered in recent years:

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