The Republican Freshman:
An Update to The People & The Power Game
By Hedrick Smith Productions

We have also produced two companion pieces for the PBS NewsHour on the Republican class elected to the House in 1994-probably the most powerful class of new members in decades.

In the first 15 minute piece, "The House: Which Way" we tell the story of the freshman battle for survival in the 1996 elections through the campaigns of three very different freshmen, all targeted by the Democratic party and the AFL-CIO. Correspondent Hedrick Smith reports on three hotly contested races. Randy Tate & Rick White of Washington State and Phil English, of Pennsylvania, and how each one choose a different strategy to hold on to their seats.

In the second 15 minute piece, we tell a classic story of American democracy in action- "The Greening of the Class of '94"- the evolution of the class from its first 100 Days as the revolutionary shock troops in Speaker Newt Gingrich's politcal army to the reflections of several class members after nearly two years in office.

Some of the freshman who appear in the original The People & The Power Game program are Sue Myrick of North Carolina, David McIntosh of Indiana, Mark Neumann of Wisconsin, Roger Wicker of Mississippi, Linda Smith of Washington State, Mark Souter of Indiana, & JC Watts of Oklahoma.

The House, Which Way?
This program examines at the race for control of the Congress just before the 1996 election.
This program originally aired on October 23, 1996 on The Newshour.

The Greening of the Class of '94,
This program looks at the results from the election of 1996.
This program aired originally on November 13, 1996 on The Newshour.

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