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  The Elected: Presidency & Congress
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I. Search By Individual Names

The Elected: The Presidency & Congress

Robert Dole | Albert Gore | Newt Gingrich | Leon Panetta

The Unelected: The Lobbies & The Media

Dan Rather | Peter Jennings | Tom DeLay | Charles Blixt

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Topics for The Presidency & Congress:

1. Presidency: Power and Myth
SEE: Gore, Panetta, Stephanopoulos, Ornstein, Mann

2. Clinton: Learning the Presidency and Relations with Congress
SEE: Gore, Panetta, Stephanopoulos, Ornstein, Daschle, Mann, Gephardt

3. Party Unity vs. Lone Rangers and Renegades
SEE: Gore, Dole, Gephardt, Ornstein, Stephanopoulos

4. Efforts at Party Discipline
SEE: Gephardt, Dole

5. The New Republican Majority
SEE: Dole, Gingrich, Gephardt, Ornstein, Mann

6. Newt Gingrich & The Power of the Speaker
SEE: Panetta, Gingrich, Mann

7. White House and Congress: Confrontation vs. Compromise
SEE: Dole, Panetta, Gingrich, Gephardt, Daschle, Mann

8. The Need for Bipartisanship & Compromise
SEE: Gore , Stephanopoulos, Gephardt

Topics for The Lobbies & The Media:

1. The Race for Ratings and Readers: How it Drives Mainstream News Coverage
SEE: Rather, Jennings, Rosensteil

2. The Washington Press Corps vs. the Politicians
SEE: Engberg, Rather, Taylor/Harwood, Hume, Patterson

3. Rush to Judgment: Opinion, and Interpretation in News Coverage
SEE: Engberg, Rather, Jennings, Taylor/Harwood, Hume, Rosensteil, Patterson

4. The Press and Public Disillusionment with Government
SEE: Rather, Patterson

5. Congress & Lobbyists: The Inside Influence Game
SEE: DeLay, Blixt, Pertschuk, Miller, Rehr

6. The Outside Game: Swinging the People through Wholesale Lobbying
SEE: Goddard

7. The Tobacco Lobby: Money, Grassroots, and Telemarketing
SEE: Pertschuk, Miller, Blixt, Waxman, Gephardt

8. Campaign Finance and Reform
SEE:, Miller, Shays

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