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Patient Advocacy Guide

CRITICAL CONDITION Viewer/Discussion Leader Guide
Download the Viewer/Discussion Leader Guide in English in PDF format.

In today's complex health care world, all of us need to be more knowledgeable about available care and become more assertive in demanding that we have access to that care. This guide is designed to help you take the first steps toward those goals by generating discussions about health care.

The CRITICAL CONDITION with Hedrick Smith Viewer/Discussion Leader Guide is available in English or Spanish. It examines patient problems and needs, and shows how consumers can become informed and advocate for quality care. The case studies focus on the uninsured, quality of health care, and patients with cancer, diabetes, heart problems, stroke and congenital conditions. The discussion questions examine these topics from the perspective of coverage by your HMO/insurance plan, access to specialized care, the freedom to choose your doctor, and similar issues. The 28-page guide also includes a list of resource organizations and materials.

In addition, South Carolina ETV has created a limited number of Patient Advocacy Kits that contain the English version of the guide along with excerpts from the programs edited into the case studies described in the guide. These excerpts are on a VHS cassette.

How To Order

To request your free copy of the CRITICAL CONDITION with Hedrick Smith Viewer/Discussion Leader Guide in English or Spanish, or a copy of the Patient Advocacy Kit, call the South Carolina ETV Outreach Department at 800-277-0829.

To download the Viewer/Discussion Leader Guide in English in PDF format from this site, you need Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you don't have this free software, download Acrobat Reader.

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