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Road Map To American Health Care
  •  You The Patient
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  •  Who Manages Your Health Dollars
  •  Who Takes Care Of You

Tips For The Consumer
  •  Help Prevent Errors
  •  Questions To Ask Your Doctor
  •  Choosing A Health Plan
  •  Getting Children Enrolled
  •  Choosing A Medicare HMO
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Questions For Candidates

Help In Your Hometown

National Organizations
  •  Disease Groups
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Helping You


CRITICAL CONDITION seeks to help American patients and their families learn how to find better health care and to become powerful advocates for gaining the care they need. For as we criss-crossed America, we found that people who were passive, tended to get shunted toward second-class care, and were less likely to get the treatments that experts recommend. Those who were well informed and assertive in demanding the best quality care generally received better care. The more you know about health care as it directly affects you, the better able you will be to be your own best advocate.

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Patient Advocacy Guide
Learn how to be your own best health care advocate!
Road Map of the Health Care System
We'll help you navigate through the complexities of American health care.
Tips for the Consumer
Find practical information you can use today about being a health care consumer.
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Questions For the Candidates
Keep the heat under your political candidates about health care issues.
Help In Your Hometown
Get information on health care resources and advocacy groups in your state.
National Organizations
Find useful information about health care groups by disease and specific populations.

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