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Health care in America is a complex system that frequently changes form and function. During the production of CRITICAL CONDITION with Hedrick Smith we found that many people across the nation have had experiences with the health care system that were both dramatically similar and different. Continuing the dialog on health care issues is a way to keep people informed about the issues as well as to encourage them to become their own best advocate. We invite you to join in the discussion.

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Ask the Producers
Have a question about the health care system but you don't know who to ask? Try us.
Your Health Care Viewpoints
Share your opinions about the state of health care today — and read what others have to say.
Take a Poll on health Care Issues
See how your health care experience compares to others' across the nation.
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Press Reaction
Read the reviews of Critical Condition with Hedrick Smith!
Watch a streaming video of the health care symposium held at the National Press Club.
Feedback on the Show
We want to know what you think of the documentary and the web page.
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