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Staff Profiles

Hedrick Smith

Correspondent Hedrick Smith, Pulitzer Prize-winning former New York Times correspondent and author of several best-selling books, has been creator and correspondent of seven PBS prime-time series on major topics in the fields of politics, economics, foreign affairs and urban society as well as hosting and/or writing a dozen other documentaries.

Prior to turning to documentary production and writing books, Hedrick Smith was a distinguished correspondent for The New York Times from 1962 until 1988, serving in Washington, Moscow, Cairo, Saigon, Paris and the American South. Mr. Smith has published several national best-selling books, including The Russians (1976), The Power Game: How Washington Works (1988) and The New Russians (1990). His latest book, Rethinking America (1995), compares the economic cultures of America, Germany and Japan operating under the pressures of global competition.

To find out more about Hedrick Smith, his books and documentaries visit

Producer Ariadne Allan

Ariadne Allan began her career at National Public Radio and has produced for both ABC and CBS News. As associate producer for 60 MINUTES, she developed and researched stories dealing with government and military topics. During this time, Allan received a national Emmy Award for outstanding investigative journalism. At ABC, she was associate producer of the news magazine show DAY ONE.

After working on Capitol Hill for the U.S. Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations, she joined Hedrick Smith Productions where she field produced Surviving The Bottom Line: Running With The Bulls and Surviving The Bottom Line: Learning to Survive. Allan produced the Washington, D.C. teen crime and Kansas City street crime segments of Seeking Solutions. She also produced The Chronically Ill: Pain, Profit, and Managed Care, one of four segments of Critical Condition with Hedrick Smith.

Producer David Murdock

A veteran producer of PBS programming, David Murdock joined Hedrick Smith Productions three years ago. Prior to his work with Smith, Murdock was an associate producer for Ofra Bikel on Innocence Lost: The Plea an installment of the popular PBS show Frontline.

He also worked with David Grubin on Truman and with Bill Moyers on What Can We Do About Violence. Among the projects he has worked on at Hedrick Smith Productions are Austin Hi-Tech Education and Surviving The Bottom Line: Learning to Survive. Murdock produced the Oregon youth crime prevention and the Chicago Uptown street crime segments of Seeking Solutions.

Murdock also produced the compelling Frontline: Dr. Solomon's Dilemma as well as the Critical Condition segment, The Uninsured: 44 Million Forgotten Americans.

Producer Marc Shaffer

Marc Shaffer produced The Quality Gap: Medicine's Secret Killer and The Idealistic HMO: Can Good Care Survive the Market?, two of the four programs featured in Critical Condition.

Shaffer has produced national programs for PBS, the MacNeil-Lehrer NewsHour and CBS News. Among his previous credits are the award-winning Seeking Solutions and Surviving the Bottom Line: Running with the Bulls, both with Hedrick Smith Productions.

Prior to coming to Hedrick Smith Productions, Shaffer worked for seven years at CBS News, producing and associate producing stories appearing on Eye To Eye with Connie Chung, 48 Hours, Street Stories with Ed Bradley, and Nightwatch.

A native Californian, Shaffer is a graduate of the University of California, Santa Cruz and lives in Oakland.

Production Manager Sandra Udy

Production Manager Sandra Udy brings ten years of experience at ABC News to Hedrick Smith Productions. As senior program controller for ABC, she coordinated the budget, logistics, and personnel for such well-known shows as This Week with David Brinkley, Good Morning America, and World News This Morning. She joined Hedrick Smith Productions in 1994 and has managed the full production cycle from conception, to R&D, to budgeting, to tracking costs, to completion for two four-hour series and for numerous segments for PBS's The News Hour with Jim Lehrer.

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