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Credits for Critical Condition with Hedrick Smith

A special thanks to everyone involved in the show!

Hedrick Smith

Ariadne Allan
David Murdock
Marc Shaffer

Coordinating Producer & Production Manager
Sandra L. Udy

Bill Creed
Cliff Hackel
Carol Slatkin
Wendy Wank

Segment Producers
Ginny Durrin
Mort Silverstein

Field Producers
Tom Jennings
Catherine Sager
Anne Rosenbaum

Principal Camera
Keith Walker
David Brown
Bill McMillin

Principal Sound
Alan Chow
Bill Ruth

Hedrick Smith
Ariadne Allan
David Murdock
Marc Shaffer

Associate Producers
Leora Broydo
Teresa Gionis
Maria Raquel-Bozzi
Jeanette Woods

Production Associate
Joy Ardizzone

Senior Researcher
Tamara Neely

Production Assistants
Erin Essenmacher
Susan Kerin
Saidah Said

Assistant to Executive Producer
Janina Roncevic

Original Music
Eric Kaye

Graphic Opening
Jannis Productions

Opening Standup
Saltworks Creek

Post Production
Henninger Media Services

Motion Control
Visual Productions

Additional Camera
Michael Anderson
Hank Bargine
Aaron Britton
Dave Dellaria
Ron Deveaux
Dennis Dillon
Brian Dowley
Mike Elwell
Erin Essenmacher
Bob Eyres
Ken Fuhr
Rick Greenwell
Ron Hill
Blake Hottle
Richard Kahn
Gary Mercer
Doug Monroe
David Murdock
Kevin Raullerson
Catherine Sager
Stanley Staniski
Mark Stoddard
Bill Thompson
Aaron Tomlinson
John Van Amburg
Greg Williams
Additional Sound
David Baker
Dave Baumgartener
Izak Ben-Neir
Gary Black
Evan Blaustein
Dwight Brown
Carl Carden
Frank Coakley
John Collins
Kevin Daughtry
RJ Hill
Sherman Hougland
Scott Johnson
Edward Jones
Scott Kane
Michael Kimball
John Mahoney
Dean Miller
Scott Osterman
Dave Petty
Richard Pooler
David Pruger
Frank Reap
Greg Rothschild
Giovanni Savino
Stephan Springman
Bill Steffanaci

Modus Interactive
Tamara Neely

Public Outreach
Pat Dressler, SCETV

Devillier Communications

Still Photography
Susan Zox

Budget Coordinators
Sydney Brooks
Marta Ortuzar

R & D Researcher
Peter Scoblic

Laura Beers
Tomar Brown
Jennifer Coate
Patricia Golden
Nicole Kanner
Anne Pifko
Kavita Pillay
Simone Swink
Anne Terry
Juliet Wong

Stock Footage
Aetna US Healthcare
Av-Med Health Plan
Capitol Media Service
Cine-Med CNN
Kaiser Foundation of Health Plans
KCRT, City of Richmond
Maine PBS
The McConnell Family
Nadine - Act-Up/Golden Gate
Runyon Salzman & Einhorn
University of Kentucky

Stock Photos
Chris Morgan
Bob Reyes

Special Thanks
Gordon Bonnyman
Charlie Drongoole
Tony Garr
Klaus Kelterborn
Janice Moore — Inova Fairfax Hospital
Jennifer Pilapil
Paul Rabin, Mt. Sinai Medical Center
Cathy Ross
Thomas Torrices
Patti Vargas
Children's National Medical Center
Give Kids the World
Matthew Walker Family Health Center
United Cerebral Palsy of Tampa Bay
University of Maryland Medical Center

South Carolina ETV
Polly Kosko

Executive Producer
Hedrick Smith

A production of Hedrick Smith
Productions, Inc.
which is solely
responsible for its content.

Produced in association with South Carolina Educational Television.

©Copyright 2000 Hedrick Smith Productions, Inc.

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