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Learning to Survive

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Beating the Bottom Line

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The Surviving the Bottom Line with Hedrick Smith Web site explores the issues raised in
Hedrick Smith Productions’ four-hour documentary series about the impact of the new economy on Americans.

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Hedrick Smith Productions:

Don’t Miss Seeking Solutions, Hedrick Smith’s new documentary on the effect of crime in our communities, premiering  September 22, 1999 on PBS.

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Original programming not broadcast as part of the documentary has been aired on the NewsHour with Jim Lehrer:

How Austin is Coping with its
High Tech Skills Gap.

Austin Community College
Semiconductor Technology Program

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Be sure to visit each program's home page to access detailed program descriptions, complete broadcast transcripts, and for in-depth interview material not included in the Surviving The Bottom Line broadcast.

Running with the Bulls” takes viewers behind the scenes on Wall Street to reveal the massive power shift in corporate America from CEOs to Wall Street, and how money managers are driving today’s economy.

Living on the Fault-Line” focuses on the self-proclaimed City of the Future – San Diego, California – with its high-tech, entrepreneurial economy, and follows both the innovative ‘winners’ and the precarious lives of the middle class.

Link to 60 second preview of Surviving the Bottom Line Episodes 1 & 2Take a look at a 60-second VDO Live
Preview of Episodes One and Two!

Learning to Survive” (January 23, 1998 at 9 p.m. E.S.T.) examines successful education reforms in Shanghai, Cincinnati, Southern Texas and Oakland to show how some school systems are effectively preparing young people for the 21st century economy and re-tooling displaced U.S. workers.

Beating the Bottom Line” (January 23, 1998 at 10 p.m. E.S.T.) shows vivid examples in the United States, Holland, and Canada of how creative partnerships among management, labor and communities are creating both profits and greater job security.

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Link to 60 second preview of Surviving the Bottom Line Episodes 2 & 3See a 60-second VDO Live
Preview of Episodes Three and Four!

Do you think you have a handle on the current U.S. Economy? Care to test your knowledge? Try our quiz on the New Economy .

How has the ’90s economy affected your life? Big changes – or none at all? Share your experiences and opinions by taking our interactive poll .

Have questions, ideas or experiences you would like to share? Join Hedrick Smith in an ongoing email discussion via the Surviving the Bottom Line with Hedrick Smith listserv.

For educators and others seeking to learn more about the issues discussed in Surviving the Bottom Line with Hedrick Smith, check the list of print and Internet resources we found helpful while preparing the report.

Educators and groups may purchase videotape copies of Surviving the Bottom Line with Hedrick Smith, as well as the companion interview series.

Link to the People and the Power GameYou may also want to check out The People and the Power Game with Hedrick Smith – The Hedrick Smith Productions’ documentary series exploring the Washington power structure.

Off-Air Taping Rights: Pre K-12 teachers in the United States may videotape “Surviving the Bottom Line with Hedrick Smith” (PBS airdate January 16 & 23, 1998) and use it in the classroom for one year. (For more information on Teacher Resources to accompany PBS programs and on PBS extended taping rights for educators, please visit the PBS Teacher Connex Web site.) After the broadcast, teachers may purchase a copy of the program.

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