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Running with the Bulls

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Living on the Fault-Line

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Videotape Purchase Information

Educators and groups may purchase videotape copies of Surviving the Bottom Line with Hedrick Smith and the companion interview series Managing Corporate Change, Labor's Comeback and Effective Education for Tomorrow.

The companion series include extended interviews with many of the business, labor, and education leaders profiled in Surviving the Bottom Line.  Join Hedrick Smith as he sits down to hear, in their own words, what men and women who are shaping America's economic future have to say about how we live, work, and learn.  

To order, or for more information, contact Films for the Humanities at 1-800-257-5126 (8:30-5 EST), or visit their web page at <>. Information is also available at Hedrick Smith Productionsí new Web site.

Learning to Survive

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Beating the Bottom Line

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